Lunamariposa (aka Johan Calderon) brings an empathetic yet impactful flow to the decks in their signature style, "Mariposa Bounce," jumping between genres including melodic techno, tribal beats, acid, tech house, Afrobeat, Soundcloud bangers, and remixes of early 2000s classics, transporting listeners to a land of botanical creatures and industrial beats. In every set, Lunamariposa strives to have everyone in the room on their feet and getting a groove on — and they aren't afraid to get political or challenge listeners along the way, intertwining emotive melodies with poignant samples and provocative percussion.


Since beginning to DJ and organize events, Lunamariposa has been creating rhythmic environments in Boston-area venues such as the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), Middlesex Lounge, The Lower Level, The Sinclair, Dorchester Art Project, and Make Shift, in addition to sets in Miami, NYC and Philadelphia. They have appeared on lineups alongside BEARCAT, LSDXOXO, DJ HARAM Caroline Polachek, Hijo Prodigo, Dee Diggs, Lychee, and Brandi Blaze. Luna also holds two residencies, One of them being Houseboi , happening every first Wednesday at Middlesex lounge in Cambridge MA and BRASH happening every last Thursday at Brass Union in Somerville MA.


Luna is also part of running a project called Demo Radio which is a social research project dedicated to archive subcultures. in any society what’s understood as popular has always come from the “lowest” rungs of society. that which is novel, rebellious and avant-garde become a symbol for progress and exploration. Historically, artists have pushed forth horizons of thought before any other field or class. Artists have always been on the frontlines of political protests through individual action and work which responds to the climate of the day. The project of demo itself can be described as a political cultural work as well due to the outcomes it seeks to provide.

"i decided to channel my inner bruja rage , with some my self produced songs , blends, and favorite tracks I’ve been bumping recently.  I recorded this mix right after a day of heavy rain in Boston , For some weird reason i like getting caught in the rain. I like wearing my headphones and just walking in the rain ( this time i had a poncho on )  but just had my head exposed. I walked all the way from the ICA to Mass ave, walking gives me clarity and i had so much clutter in my mind so i felt like the combo of letting the water wash it off and clearing my mind would make room for me to really tap into  this mix in a very intimate way. I sampled some audio from The craft which i remember being one of the first actual Witch movies i had seen in my life and remembering the scene where they start the ritual to gain power and visually the scene was such a fall dreamy sundown  moment with butterflies flying around ! Although the movie failed to represent poc and only had one women of color, i have watched it at least 100 times in my life time . Samirah Raheem descends from heavy drums and clashing rhythmic noises to be followed by Bergsonist’s electrifying and mistrifying  darkness. I also sampled the amazing Julissa Emelie , a lovely poet from boston whos impact leaves your soul healed.

I Wanted  to make this mix special for Marissa so i added  some of my unreleased stuff. I met Marissa when i had just started my journey in music and she’s actually one of my favorite Artist.


Marissa please keep creating and living <3"


Birds of paradise - DJ HARAM

Th craft ritual scene  

Chain belt - Bored Lord 

Glimpse of the third - Caroline Polachek 

Tropical ström poem by Julissa Emelie

Zen  - Dez Williams 

Suave pero rugoso-  Salviatek ( TAYHANA REMIX)

Yes we are all sluts (samirah raheem clap back )  

Aint no deep house- Bergsonist 

Throw - Laurel Halo 

Underdog - Coucou Chloe 

Untitled -  Lunamariposa 

Helice - Superfície

9th britual - Cong Vu edit 

Sweetheart pearl - Lunamariposa blend 

It girl - Jeremiah meece remix 

Same bitch - Lunamariposa blend

untiltled - Lunamariposa 

Cherish the Beat - Lunamariposa blend