Freshta - a 21-year-old DJ who is one of the latest additions to the London music scene. Having been influenced from growing up around the UK underground rave scene, she is known predominantly for her dark selection in grime, dubstep, bass, and electronic music. Holding down her own monthly show on Mode FM, and having worked with the likes of Azeema Magazine, she’s been labelled as an up-and-coming one to watch.


The Bug ft. Killa P & Flowdan - Skeng
Sir Hiss – Istanbul Mini Market
Kromestar ft. Cessman – Kalawanji
Westy – Temple Run
JakeBob – Sex Face
PK & Mez – Gallavanting
Sware – Irish Don
Croseph – Drip
J Beatz – Stinjan
AJ Tracey – Str8 Riddim
Teddy Music – Treatment
JT The Goon- King Triton
Kahn & Neek – Bucktown (Gundam Refix)
YGG – Fruit Salad
Aztek x Skoped – Kachunga Groove
Kahn – Over Deh So (Tubz Refix)
Murlo – Vertigo
Kromestar – Surgery
Levelz – Front Face
Straps – Dark Arts
Rapture 4D – End Game

What are your pronouns?


What got you into djing and music?

My love for music definitely originated from the underground nightlife scene. I used to go to a lot of raves growing up in London, and it eventually got to a point where I realised all my mates were going out to party whilst I was just going to see certain DJ sets and their track selection. It was interesting for me to see how a DJs selection would affect the crowd and their different styles of mixing across different genres. Also at this point, I was going to too many grime raves and endlessly listening to radio sets which I think sparked my interest in learning more about the producers behind the instrumentals that I could hear MC’s repeatedly spraying over. Fast forward a couple years where I thought, fuck it, my music knowledge is too sick to keep to myself, so I decided to teach myself how to DJ around a year ago.


Where does your inspiration and drive come from?

Hopefully without sounding too cringe, the hyped atmosphere at grime events and raves always leaves me wanting to go discover new producers, beats, and get mixing straight away. Definitely feel my most driven after this. Also, being in a male-dominated industry really drives me to represent women in music and break barriers surrounding the stigma of women in music. Seeing people’s reaction when they realise I’m a female is always jokes too.

Other people in music always inspire me as well. Discovering new music from the sickest producers gets me gassed to showcase them on my radio sets and play them out for other people to listen to. It’s crazy how talented some producers can be, with some of my favourites like Sir Hiss and Rapture 4D being a similar age to myself and achieving so much within a short space of time!


What are your thoughts on the London music scene and being a woman of colour involved?

The variety of talent and creativity within the London music scene always amazes me, and the diverse community is hard to find elsewhere. I’ve always felt lucky that being in London means I’m surrounded by some of the best venues and curated events in the music scene however, nowadays it’s getting harder to come across people in the scene that don’t live their lives through social media. You can’t overlook other cities like Birmingham and Bristol that have the maddest emerging talent whilst always keeping that organic passion for what they do within the music scene and not getting caught up with instagram.  

Being a woman in music, let alone a woman of colour, really indicates to me how male dominant the industry really is. It’s sad and disappointing to still see the lack of females on line ups, particularly within genre’s where there are so many talented female DJs and artists that could be booked. Plenty of promoters and event organisers have the ability to promote gender equality within the music industry by ensuring gender diversity on the line up of their events, yet don’t bother. The ratio between male and female artists on this year’s Hospitality on the Beach line up is just embarrassing, especially considering most of the labels hosting a stage have some amazing female talent signed to them.

Despite the London music scene needing many improvements when it comes to gender equality, I wanted to shout out some of my favourite London-based collectives/communities that not only push equality of women in music but also equality of women of colour in society. Pxssy Palace provides safe club nights prioritising women, femmes of colour and QTIPOC, they easily host some of the best parties in London and always have a killer female line up. Online magazine gal-dem explores the modern day challenges of people of colour within society, I’ve found reading their online articles very relatable, and can be very informative for someone who wants to learn more about society from a POC view. They also host some very sick events/workshops/talks. Lastly for women in music, Normal Not Novelty events are hosted each month at Red Bull Studios for free, with workshops/talks for women wanting to learn more about djing, production and engineering.


5 Favourite tunes at the moment?

  • Nico Lindsay - Black Magician  

  • Egoless - Empire of Dirt

  • Levelz - Front Face

  • Strategy - Yung Pepsi

  • YGG - Strikers


5 Producers to watch right now?

  • Sir Hiss

  • Rapture 4D

  • Beanzo

  • MistaKay

  • Kotei

Anything lined up that we should watch out for?

I recently joined the Mode FM family, so you can catch me there every second Tuesday of the month 5-7pm. I’m currently the only female on the station (!) which I feel is an achievement and I’m very excited to be bringing through some mad creative people on my shows to shine a light on their work. I’ve put in a lot of effort in shaping and producing my show all by myself so yeah definitely look out for my future radio shows. Also keep an eye out on my socials for shows I’m playing around London that haven’t been announced yet!


Anything else you wanna say!

I hope you enjoy listening to the mix, a blend of some of my favourite dark 140 bits and I’m pretty proud of my track selection.

Thank you for having me on your blog Marissa, your artistic capability is unreal! Big love x